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One Piece Travel MUGEN PC Game Download [336 MB]


[- Game Info -]
Genre: 2D > Fighting > Mugen
Released Date: Unknown

[- Description -]
Another fanmade game on the engine, Mugen, but with characters from the series of Gigant Battle!. All in the game 90 characters. 63 of them are full, and the others act as a support class (plus one bonus game). The main characters are endowed with all the strikes, combinations and specials. blows from the original game.

Also the game has 75 maps. This includes cards like previous games in the series sprites, and from new ones.

[- Words From Developer -]
I have spent 8 months to complete the game, independently and without any assistance or participation. All of the characters code are produced originally. Therefore, I (OnePieceTravel dot com) have rights to this game.

During the past 8 months, I had spent any time that I touched the computer producing the game. In order to complete it, I had never slept before 2AM. The whole process was so unbearable that I had thought about giving up for several times. Yet, I hold on and completed it finally.

As the graphic material is too restrictive (as you see, the game is without any special efficiency and the moves are copied from one piece official game absolutely), the game has not expressed my production level completely. And most importantly, the time is too limited. I used to spend 2 months to complete a high-quality character and give it some post-correction. For this game, by contract, I spent 3 days on average to complete one character, and cut out all of the game pictures and sound by myself. During the pre-game production period, the time was wasted in writing the abstract software. When the software was finished, I spent only 2 days abstracting all the pictures and sound of the characters. The upper time was spent producing the characters. The plan was anticipated to be completed in 14 months, but I only spent 8 months. The game is supposed to be produced to this point only, either for the novice or the expert, because the same materials and the same moves can only lead to the same characters. Such high limitations are also the reasons why experts are not willing to do the animation.

The capacity of One Piece Travel reaches to 1.3G firstly. As it is too large for downloading, we delete all of the stories, and the capacity is left to 800M. After that, we compress it to 400M. Therefore, when the game initiates, you should wait for 5-15 seconds, and when the starting animation appears, the normal game starts.

I have tested One Piece Travel in multiple computers, and confirmed that almost every computer with any configuration can run it smoothly. So you should not worry about your computer configuration.

Combo is very important to the game. In OP Travel, every character has several settled combos, and the player can also create his own combo.

The basic Characters Movelist
Take the J key as an example:
basically, connective movements are just the same, more kinds of connective movements are to be discovered during the game.

I'm too busy at work this month, so please wait the new movelists.

I hope that you will be satisfied with the game. If you feel that the game is good, please tell your friends. This game is allowed to be reprinted, but remember to add our official web site when you reprint.

If "One Piece Travel" Game is popular, we will produce the newest version of one piece. We will use high-resolution image material to produce the new characters, and the graphics display will be better than this version. Of course, whether we will produce the new version depends on the development of this game.

Finally, I wish you will enjoy your time.

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  2. nice game do the high resolution version please.
    great job doing this alone. i congratulate u on that. keep up the good work.

  3. can u share the trick how to make luffy and his crews become time skip? and how to add more and stage? please i very want to know the trick